High Demand

We’ve seen a big spike in demand for our ovens! We are working to clear the backlog as quickly as possible. If you are considering ordering, please just send us an email (info@garden-oven.co.uk) indicating the model oven that you are considering. We will give you an estimate on the current backlog, and the option to get on the waiting list.

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  1. M Andrews

    I am interested in your model 1 (with stand cover and other accessories) and would be grateful if you could give me some idea of how long it may before one is available.

    1. Author


      We are now back in production, and will be dispatching new ovens by the week of the 22nd of May. Sorry for the wait! We will now be accepting orders for Model 1s and dispatching them on a first come first serve basis. Current lead time is estimated to be 2 weeks. The Model 2s will be back on sale on the first week of June. As before, if you would like to reserve an oven before it has been built, just send us an email and we can arrange that with just a small deposit. -Jay

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