High Demand

We’ve seen a big spike in demand for our ovens! We are working to clear the backlog as quickly as possible. If you are considering ordering, please just send us an email (info@garden-oven.co.uk) indicating the model oven that you are considering. We will give you an estimate on the current backlog, and the option to get on the waiting list.

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Apple Tart with Calvados Ice Cream

This open apple tart recipe works really well in the Garden Oven.  With shop bought pastry, it doesn’t take long to prepare and can be popped into the oven at the just as the main course is being finished.  Serve with cream or vanilla ice cream spiked with calvados (below). 30 minutes prep time, 20-30 minute bake time. Open Apple …

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These lovely tarts make a great quick starter course.  Spinach and feta work well together with a touch of smoke from the Garden Oven.  Makes 8 good sized tarts. Prep time 30 minutes, bake time 20-25 minutes. Ingredients Olive oil 250 g spinach leaves Large handful of fresh basil 250 g cream cheese A beaten egg 25 g grated cheddar …

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BBC Countryfile Live 2016

We’ll be there! We were there! And we had a blast.  Thank you everyone who stopped by! This is the first ever BBC Countryfile Live event, and it’s going to be great!  Come and see our Garden Ovens, including the new Model 2.  We’ll be baking pizza so have a slice on us at stand H044, right by the main arena. …

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Slow prove pizza dough

Neapolitan style pizza base using authentic 00 flour.  Dough is wet and takes some practice to handle, but once mastered, makes the best pizzas. Author: Juliet Makes: 10 pizzas, each about 12 inch. Prep time:  45 minutes Proof time: 20 to 24 hours Cook time:  2 mins Total time:  1 day Ingredients: 1.7 kg 00 flour (Caputo ’00’ Pizzeria in the blue 25 …

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Pizza Dough Recipe

Perfect pizza dough recipe to bring the taste of Italy to your garden oven.  This dough is quick to make and gives a thin crust cracker like base to your pizza. Author: Juliet Serves: 15 pizzas Prep time:  1 hour 15 mins Cook time:  2 mins Total time:  1 hour 17 mins