Wood Fired Oven for your Garden

Discover the traditional taste of wood fired cooking in our versatile ovens: Smoke, bake, grill, roast, barbecue and cook a wide range of dishes from pizza to fish, bread to a full sunday roast dinner! Not only will the oven help you prepare wonderful dishes, it will also create a warm atmosphere on a chilly evening. It can become a spare oven for your Christmas dinner.

Unlike traditional brick pizza ovens, our ovens are transportable and do not require any building work. There is no long curing process, the oven can be assembled in a half hour, and is ready to go! Perfect in any garden. If you move home, your oven goes with you!

Our efficient oven is fully lined with firebrick that stores the heat and insulates it. The oven stays warm and evenly heated long after the fire is out. The fire is lit in the bottom section; cooking is done in the top. The baking surface adjusts in level for optimum temperature balance for a 2 minute stone-baked pizza. An adjustable height stainless steel grill and oven racks make our oven even more flexible.

The sturdy stand lifts the oven up to a convenient height and serves as your wood store. Alternatively you may site the oven in your own garden creation.


I have bought two of the Garden Oven Company’s amazing wood burning ovens and absolutely love them. They look great, are entirely made in the UK and do the job perfectly. I love them so much in fact that we invited the company to cook on them at our festival The Good Life Experience. They brought four ovens and cooked pizzas non-stop for twelve hours. And, what’s more, they sold all of those ovens on the spot to guests at the festival. Honestly, I couldn’t recommend these guys more highly.Charlie Gladstone, Founder Pedlars
I’ve got one of these ovens and it’s a whole load of fun. It really does get up beyond 400c and the pizza is excellent. Dead easy to run, no maintenance, surprising how many friends you’d “forgotten” about who call you up when they know you’ve got a garden pizza oven………marvellous.Jerry, Hampshire
After enjoying a fantastic wood-fired pizza at Jay and Juliet’s place, I was so impressed that I bought oven number 15 and invited the in-laws over to enjoy a beer can chicken feast on Bonfire Night. The oven was a real talking point and everyone loved the way that the wood flavoured the food. My husband absolutely loves our oven and spends hours cooking outdoors at the weekend. The Garden Oven provides us with a perfect way to enjoy summer and winter evenings with neighbours, family and friends, without worrying whether we can fit everyone round the table. We hate it when the nights draw in, but having a Garden Oven is the perfect excuse to enjoy the garden all year round. Using up wood from fallen branches to supplement the shop-bought stocks keeps the garden tidy and guests warm while cooking the perfect pizza, bonfire feast, or Christmas roast.Josie, Aldershot