Cook with the Garden Oven

  • Smoking

    Smoking gives great flavours to meet, fish and even cheese.

    All our ovens have a damper in the chimney that can close down to keep the smoke within. Just create a slow, smouldering fire with your choice of wood or wood chips and you are away. When it is chilly outside, you can keep the oven cool for cold smoking. Additional racking can be added to the Garden Oven to give it loads of room for bulk smoking.

  • Roasting

    Create a full roasted dinner year round in the Garden Oven. Enjoy chicken, lamb, beef and pork roasted to perfection over a wood fire. The high heat creates wonderfully browned roasted potatoes.

    The adjustable racking system gives flexibility to the arrangement of pans and the stands’ warming shelf is great for resting the meat after roasting.

  • Pizza

    The Garden Oven is a champion at making the best wood fired, stone baked pizzas in minutes, Neapolitan style.

    The heavy baking stones stay hot to give your dough bounce and creates great crispy crusts. The dome radiates heat to the pizza’s top to brown the crust, cheese and toppings.

  • Grilling

    Meat and veg cooking benefit from the high temperatures achievable by the Garden Oven. Direct heat sears the food to seal flavours in.

    Grilling can be done on the hot stone or on the included stainless steel grill.

Try our recipes

We have been working with chefs to produce a wide range of recipes for the Garden Oven. Our ovens come with a recipe booklet to get you started and we will be creating new ones all the time. Keep checking back here for new recipes to try.