Model 1 Garden Oven


Firebrick lined steel oven.  Includes firebrick lining, damper, thermometer, wood handles, flue with rain cap, baking stones, grill and slide out oven rack.  Takes minutes to assemble and get to temperature.  Does not include stand or cover, add these from the Model 1 accessories.

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The Model 1 Garden Oven


  • Wood handles
  • Chimney Cap
  • Adjustable height Baking Stones
  • Large dial thermometer
  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Grill / Oven Rack

Add accessories like a stand or cover.

Additional information

Attribute Information
Weight 110 kg
Dimensions 54 x 55 x 93 cm
Baking Area (W x D)

40 x 46 cm